The beauty of geometric patterns is that although they’re currently on trend, they’re also truly timeless.

Geometrics have been slowly edging their way centre-stage over the past few years. What began as a vogue for graphic patterned cushions, rugs and accessories has become a full-blown love affair that has seen geometric designs making their mark everywhere across the home, from statement flooring and ceilings to colour-block walls painted with oversized diamonds and triangles.

The beauty of geometric patterns is that although they’re currently on trend, they’re also truly timeless. Many date back several hundred years (think Moroccan tiles or the classic black and white chequerboard look), while others reference Art Deco elegance or the Op-Art movement of the 1960s. They might not be for everyone, but if wall-to-wall neutrals bore you to tears, some bold graphic designs could be just what you need. And where better to start than the floor?

At Avenue Floors you’ll find wealth of stylish geometric flooring solutions that strike the perfect balance between contemporary and vintage and are guaranteed to give any space a vibrant, dynamic look – and which offer comfort, ease of maintenance and fantastic value for money into the bargain. With six dramatically different collections there’s plenty of design variation, so you can dial down or punch up a particular look according to your tastes. Our Ultimate Style James flooring, for instance, gives a low-key, elegant take on hexagons – this year’s hottest flooring trend – but if you want a floor that’s the star of the show, Ultimate Expressions Goldie, a honeycomb pattern in three striking shades of grey, might be more up your street. Similarly, if you’re a fan of herringbone, our Ultimate Timber PU Pamera flooring comes in a classic golden oak shade but also in light and dark grey and an attention-grabbing monochrome colourway. Don’t be fooled by their good looks, though. Avenue floors are designed with family living in mind and are manufactured to the highest standards, offering impressive resistance to dirt and wear and tear and great performance in any room in the home.

Tempted to give geometrics a go? Have a browse of our Collections to see what catches your eye, and remember, you can get three samples of your choice absolutely free of charge.