Autumnal trends for colour and comfort.

As one season finishes and the start of shorter days appears on the horizon, we thought we’d look ahead to some of the key autumn trends that will not only have your home looking fabulous while providing some creature comforts.

So, pull up the cosiest of blankets and get yourself comfy as we explore our top four.

Colours of Autumn

Some of the best home interiors are inspired by the colours of nature. Earthy pigments and colours have been awash on social media throughout the year. The colours of Autumn epitomise the best in organic, eathy colours. Think reds, burnt saffron, welcoming oranges, wheat inspired light browns to rich chocolates. Rather than a blanket colour change, consider adding these to an accent wall or choose furniture and soft furnishings that pick up your chosen palette. Midnight blues and pine greens are a perfect choice for modern inspired schemes that still want the drama of colour without the softness of some of the more earthy palettes.

Comfort & Wellbeing

Now, more than ever, comfort and wellbeing is being embraced by home owners and interior designers. How a room makes you feel and interact can have positive (and negative) impacts on your own wellbeing. Before starting any home project, set out how you want to use your room and what type of decoration and design will help you achieve this. For example, if you’re balancing a working space within a living area, consider how you can add calming elements to help concentration while providing the practical elements out of work time. Similarly for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, look at solutions that will help you maintain a great looking room – our cushion vinyl floors are perfect for this!

Think Cosy and reflect

It may not have been the all-round wall to wall sunshine that we may have hoped for this summer but preparing for the autumn and winter months is all about getting cosy – whatever the weather.

Consider investing in layers of comfort with accessories, throws and cushions and create intimate corners throughout your home to help the household escape and unwind. Last year saw the rise of ‘cave’ designs where understairs spaces and nook designs provided some great ideas for both space saving and small escape zones.

Weather proofed

Whatever the season throws at us, practicality is key. So whether that’s muddy footprints and paws or the ability to cope with rainy boot puddles, choosing a floor that can cope with the odd spill and mishap is one way of making it easy to minimise time spent on laborious cleaning. Our cushion vinyl is easy to wipe and has no nasty joins where mud and debris can accumulate, making it perfect for hallways and lobby areas.

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