Spa-inspired bathrooms continue to be a popular option for homeowners. But how can you create this look on a budget?

We've seen in design magazines and social media that a drive to creating a spa-inspired bathroom has been top of the list for many homeowners. While some of these may seem out of the reach of average budgets, it can be surprisingly easy to recreate the look and feel of a spa getaway without breaking the bank.

Less is more

Sounds simple, doesn't it, but finding storage solutions for numerous bottles, towels and accessories is a speedy way of getting that luxury bathroom feel. If you're short on cupboard space, consider investing in wicker baskets or shelves to add some practical space-saving solutions. Shelves are a great opportunity to add accessories or plants to your bathroom design.

Monochrome Classics

It's surprisingly easy to update a traditional bathroom by choosing a bold tile-effect floor. While walls and furniture have been kept to traditional white finishes, this bold floor has been added to provide a contemporary twist. Using monochrome patterns within home design (especially bathrooms and kitchens) has remained a popular choice. It helps draw the eye and leaves the homeowner free to partner this design with any colour palettes of their choice.

Wood without warp

Before cushion vinyl and vinyl floors, wood would be a no go for bathroom or water prone areas due to warping and distortion. With the advance in design, cushion vinyl can provide the look and feel of a natural timber floor without the worry of warping. Our collection includes various styles and tones that can be used effectively to recreate that spa effect without the fear of costs and maintenance associated with solid wood floors.

Keep it calm

Spas are all about feeling better, rejuvenating the soul, relaxing and unwinding and what better way than recreating this look and feel than with an airy hygge appeal bathroom. We've paired a contemporary white bath with natural wood accessories and added a herringbone-patterned light stone floor to help achieve a soft aesthetic.

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