So why is Black & White so popular?

A tried and tested style that continues to inspire homeowners is Monochrome.

Monochrome in its simplest term means using one particular colour and adding either similar shades or combining this with a colour partner.

So why is Black & White so popular? It’s all in the mechanics of light. Black is light-absorbing while white is a light-reflecting shade and the combination of the two provides a welcoming atmosphere around the home.

A monochrome scheme can be used to provide either a calming or bold ambiance and it’s a great design tool for working with smaller spaces. It’s also a flexible choice for traditional, modern and retro homes as it is really adaptable and works with a multitude of design styles.

The traditional square black and white tile is strongly associated with monochrome and gives a retro, clean and modern feel and consider using pattern monochromes such as geometric patterns to add a refined interior. Monochromes have been increasingly used within bedrooms and create a great fun feel for family rooms when paired with bright colours. For a mellow or calming bedroom try using subtle greys for a comforting aesthetic.

For smaller spaces Monochrome is a great design tool for creating the illusion of space. Add various hues or tints of one colour and small spaces can appear larger.

BOLD AND LIVELY Introduce another colour for accessories and soft furnishings. Taking some inspiration from colour trends such as the earthy browns, sands and burnt reds we have seen in 2019 or pairing with bold primary colours can result in a funky, lively scheme that puts energy back into the home. This is a great option for trend followers and setters that like to get creative with accent colours and materials and change schemes frequently.

CALMING Give one colour the lead as this gives a slightly more calming balance. For example, if you are using this scheme in a hallway or bedroom then allow either the black or white to dominate with some key accessories such as curtains, picture frames and accessories and combine monochrome schemes with shades of grey to create a calm, tranquil and welcoming feel.

Whether you are going bold or adding calm, the benefits of monochrome mean that you can easily update your home just by changing your coloured accessories and soft furnishings.