While the festive season may not be the one we planned this year, we look at some practical ways to select a floor that can cope with the busiest of homes for the season and beyond.

Christmas may be not quite what we planned this year, but we look at some of the practical ways your flooring choices can help make it go smoothly.

Tip 1: Choose convenience

Vinyl floors are a really great way of updating a tired room ready for the festive season. With the correct sub floor preparation, a competent DIY’er should be able to successfully fit a vinyl floor within a weekend.

Tip 2: Convenient Cleaning

The Christmas season can be a particularly stressful season for homeowners and time may be limited. The idea of spending hours cleaning is definitely not a priority, so finding a floor that can cope with the odd spill and mishap is a great way of reducing the number of hours spent slaving over a mop and bucket!

Tip 3: Avoid the Slip Ups

Over the festive period there is an increase in mishaps in the kitchen more than any time of the year. To avoid the most common of these, keep floor spaces uncluttered and try and keep on top of greasy or oily spills during cooking sessions. If you are updating your kitchen prior to Christmas, then look at investing in a floor that has built-in slip resistance such as our Morgane or Tavel.

Tip 4: Tough & Durable

It goes without saying that investing in a new floor isn’t just for Christmas and many homeowners will be looking to purchase a solution that will last for many festive seasons to come. Always check out the length of guarantee and take time to look at the best ways to maintain and upkeep your floor. This will help you keep that ‘new floor look’ along with the best ways to tackle the most common spills and mishaps.

Tip 5: Not just for Christmas

Timeless styles never go out of fashion, so consider neutral and classic options that are likely to cope well with seasonal interior trends. Investing in a great looking floor means that you can easily update the walls and accessories to work interior trends.

However, you are planning to spend your Christmas this year, do take advantage of selecting free samples from the Avenue Floors collection to help map out your new home style.