How does cushion vinyl make it easy to create a practical and beautiful dining room? We take a look at some of the key benefits of using this versatile floor.

The last month has probably seen many of us start to welcome back friends and family members to our homes again. A great part of this probably involved sharing a meal and catching up on many missed months of conversation and socialising.

We thought that now would be a brilliant time to highlight some of the benefits of using cushion vinyl floors and how they can provide the essential ingredient to creating a perfect dining experience.

Easy to Fit

The light and easy to manipulate nature of cushion vinyl mean that it can be easy to fit, even if you’re tackling the flooring yourself. Take time to make sure that your subfloor is up to scratch, as this will help prolong the life of your floor and provide a clean look finish. As with any flooring project, don’t forget to measure correctly and maybe check a couple of times before ordering. This will help with any unnecessary cutting or over/under ordering mishaps.

Easy to Maintain

Cushion vinyl is an easy to maintain floor. It’s a simple wipe clean alternative to solid floors, and as there’s no need for grout or joins, there are less crevices for dropped food or crumbs to accumulate, making it perfect for families with messy eaters!


Spills and mishaps are a common theme in many dining areas. Our cushion vinyl makes spills a breeze to deal with. A simple wipe with a kitchen towel can help remove splashes.


Style is a crucial element when it comes to our floor designs, so there is something to suit a variety of styles and interior trends. For those looking for a more traditional dining room appeal, then wood look floors are a great option. Homeowners looking for an alternative are able to take a pick from concrete, stone, mosaic and tile effect finishes.

Whatever your style, our cushion vinyls can provide the right ingredient in modern homes and to make it even easier we provide a free sample service.