Have you noticed how patterned floors are grabbing the limelight in interior design publications? We look at five looks you can achieve with our floors.

Patternistas have been in their element this year with patterns not just finding their way to fabrics and wallpapers, but also to floors. You cannot fail to notice a rise in magazines including home makeovers that feature floors with a mix of subtle and bold colours so we take a look at our top five floor pattern inspirations and how they can work to create bold, traditional and calming spaces around your home.

Images: Left Almeria and Right Sagres - both from our Bubblegum & Liquorice collection

Traditional Monochrome

It’s not a surprise that the black and white tiles used in traditional kitchens remain popular in modern homes. This year has seen the added twist of pairing monochrome looks with contemporary and mis-match colours for a make do and mend or retro style.

Images: Dots in white and black from our Bubblegum & Liquorice collection

Pattern & Texture

Some patterns also provide an added layer of texture and our Dots range is a great example. Whether you choose the light white or deep black option, the added shadow and circular ‘dimples’ add a calming and playful effect to any room.

Image: Shalimar from our Bubblegum & Liquorice collection


Using a patterned floor in predominantly plain interiors can really help consolidate an overall look and prevent a plain space looking too stark. The kitchen above showcases this perfectly and what would normally be a very plain space is given character and soul with the addition of this traditional tile inspired floor.

Image: Stripes from our Bubblegum & Liquorice collection

Making waves with colour

With colour trends changing like the seasons, it’s always a good idea to choose a floor that is going to weather interior fashions. Previously, choices would be limited to a plain design, but Stripes includes a multitude of colours that can be matched with a variety of palettes. This makes it a particularly popular choice for playrooms and living areas.

Image: Magali from our Bubblegum & Liquorice collection


Geometrics are a great way of adding interest and harmonising interior design. When it comes to flooring, they are also a perfect way to update a tired and plain interior without the need to undertake a complete renovation. A good example is this kitchen area which would normally be very plain and ‘ordinary’. The addition of the floor uplifts the space and adds an extra layer of interest while the subtle pattern creates a relaxing and inviting space.

However you choose to use patterns in your next home project, do make use of our free sample service to try before you buy.