Your choice of plank size can change the look of a space dramatically. Discover how...

One of the things we’re committed to here at Avenue Floors is offering customers as wide a choice of flooring options as possible, which is why our realistic-looking wood- and stone-effect vinyl comes in myriad different “plank widths”, from extra-wide boards to modern multi-strip looks like our Noblesse white oak effect flooring and on-trend chevrons like our Pamera herringbone. But which is right for you?

When it comes to flooring, size definitely matters. Your choice of plank size – whether narrow or broad – can change the look of a space dramatically, and make the difference between a formal and elegant room and one that’s relaxed and welcoming, or, in the worst-case scenario, one that feels cramped and claustrophobic.

As a general rule of thumb, narrow planks are best suited to smaller rooms. Run parallel to the longest walls, they’ll make a room appear longer will help create a formal, elegant feel. They’re a great choice if you’re looking for to give a room more “texture” and visual interest, as smaller planks mean more joins, which draw the eye. Chevrons that might look too busy in a large room look fantastic in a small space. Likewise, narrow multi-strip planks, in a uniform colour, are great for giving smaller rooms a sleek, contemporary vibe.

Wider, longer planks, on the other hand, like our Ultimate Timber PU Hobbs oak-effect flooring, work brilliantly in larger spaces, where they will accentuate the room’s generous proportions. Use them to create a sense of drama in a hallway or living room, or a relaxed look in a large farmhouse-style kitchen. Larger planks mean fewer seams, so might be a sensible choice if you’re looking to give a room a clean, unfussy look.

The direction you lay your flooring can also make a difference, so fit your planks lengthways if you want to visually lengthen the room and horizontally to add the illusion of width – or you can get creative and lay your flooring on the diagonal! If you’re unsure, go for medium planks like Arcadia from our Titanium XT collection – a great all-rounder that will provide a timeless, classic feel in any room.