From marble to slate, granite to limestone, stone flooring is undeniably stunning.

From marble to slate, granite to limestone, stone flooring is undeniably stunning. It will bring a sophisticated, timeless look wherever it’s laid, but its beauty comes at a cost; stone flooring is up there with real wood when it comes to price, and it can be particularly expensive to install. It can also be cold underfoot – a bonus in hot countries, where a cool interior is the only refuge from the sun, but not so welcome in the chilly UK climate.

Avenue stone-effect vinyl, however, offers homeowners the best of both worlds. With designs that perfectly replicate a range of gorgeous mineral and rock looks, right down to the subtle colour variations and random organic patterns, our stone-effect cushion vinyl not only looks fabulous but performs brilliantly, too. Unlike real stone, which is porous, there’s no need for sealant; our flooring comes with a Superguard coating that offers superb protection against stains and marks. Not only that, but it’s a breeze to clean and install, fully waterproof and far less demanding on the wallet. You’ll also notice the difference when it comes to comfort. Avenue flooring is cushioned so it’s softer than stone and won’t chip if you drop something heavy on it, and it’s naturally warmer underfoot.

Whatever your preference, you’ll find an Avenue stone-look floor to match in our Ultimate Tones collection. Love the rustic vibe of rough-hewn slate? Check out Burlington, which comes in two gorgeous greys – a dramatically dark shade and a lighter variation – or, for a polished slate look, there’s Burton. Featuring a larger-sized 50cm x 50cm tile pattern, it’s ideal for making an impact in more spacious rooms. We stock a wealth of on-trend contemporary designs, too, from Oxley – which has the concrete look down to a tee – to Glandon, with its terrazzo-style subtle speckled pattern. In 16 striking designs, all with a Natural Look & Feel surface that makes them hard to tell apart from the real thing and R10 slip resistance for a stable feel underfoot, our Ultimate Tones floors totally rock (pun intended!). Tempted to try the stone look in your home? Order your free samples today.