Our top five tips on using interior design to make the most of smaller kitchens

We look at some of the creative ways to make the most out of smaller kitchen space and how your flooring choice can add both the wow factor and space appeal.


Small kitchens can be made light and airy by maximising natural light sources or supplementing with under-cabinet or feature lighting. Illuminating workspace areas (or task lighting) helps on a practical front and acts as a highlight to the key areas.

Be Brutal - Declutter

Sometimes, as much as we love the variety of kitchen gadgets and accessories, if they are only getting used once in a blue moon, it’s probably safe to say that they can be removed or find a new home. Decluttering is excellent for the soul, but it also means freeing up valuable workspace, which will give you a feeling of space.

Glossy Glamour

Choosing kitchen cabinets can be a minefield with so many finishes and styles to select from. If you’re working on a complete kitchen makeover, then look at glossy cabinet options as these can help bounce light around your room and give that extra feeling of space.

Bright & Beautiful

Neutrals are a big trend in 2021, and choosing white, or light neutrals are a great way of adding to a light, airy kitchen feel. It doesn’t need to be bland as a predominantly white kitchen can be broken up with a patterned, complementing floor.

Plan, Plan, Plan,

They say the devils in the detail, but it can be the difference between a fully functional space or a frustrating place to work when it comes to kitchen design. If you are not feeling confident to plan out your room, then use the many in-store planners that can help configure cabinet and white-good spaces – remember to make sure you take correct measurements and double-check to be on the safe side!

We provide free samples of our floors to help you plan your perfect kitchen – why not check them out over on our product pages?