Choose a low-maintenance Avenue vinyl floor and say goodbye to hard work.

March is one of our favourite months. The clocks go back, the days get longer and brighter, and we can look forward to some sunshine in the days ahead. It’s also traditionally the time of year when we get busy with the mop and the Marigolds, and even though these days we’re unlikely to undertake a full-house spring clean like our grandparents did, there’s still something satisfying and psychologically uplifting about tackling some of those niggling household tasks we’ve neglected all winter. You might want to…

  • Dust those often-forgotten areas, like the top of door frames and light shades.
  • Steam-clean your microwave. Make up a 50/50 water and vinegar solution in a jug and heat in the microwave for 10 minutes, until steamy. Remove the jug and clean away the moisture and dirt.
  • Clean your showerhead. Fill a bag with white vinegar, tie it around the head and leave it overnight to break down any limescale.
  • De-clutter your wardrobe. Go through your clothes and take any non-seasonal items you haven’t worn for six months or more to the charity shop.

As for keeping your Avenue vinyl flooring spick and span, you’ll be pleased to know there’s very little that needs to be done. Many of our ranges come with a top layer of Superguard PU lacquer which protects against dirt and stains (for floors without a PU lacquer, a gloss starter coating can be applied for extra protection). As for everyday cleaning, Avenue floors will come up beautifully without the need for harsh chemicals. Simply wipe them using a damp mop, taking care not to over-wet it, and go over any stubborn stains with a damp cloth. Plain water should be more than enough for the job, but if you want to use a mild detergent, always follow the manufacturer’s dilution guidelines.

Although Avenue flooring is fully waterproof, always take care to wipe up any spillages quickly to minimise the risk of permanent staining. It’s also a good idea to place entrance mats by any external doors, to keep grit at bay. Other than that, Avenue vinyl truly is a fit-and-forget flooring solution, ideal for high-traffic and dirt-prone areas of the home.

Want to know more? Check out the full Avenue flooring maintenance guide here.