We look at the top tips for creating your home office or study areas.

With many of us starting to incorporate permanent study and workspaces into our everyday home interiors, we thought we’d show how choosing the right floor can make it easy to create that ultimate brain work-out space.

Choosing the right area

Firstly, not all of us have a spare room that can be repurposed as a home office or study area, so think a bit more outside the box if you are working with limited floor space. Wasted space areas such as under stairs are ideal for creating snug spaces and often can be fitted with a table-top for that ultimate bespoke look.

Add in design

Study areas should be inspiring places to work. Look at how you are going to use the space and don’t be frightened of adding a splash of colour or accessories to make it a welcoming and inviting area. If you are planning a corner makeover and there’s limited light, don’t forget to arrange to add enough power points for laptops, computer and a light.

Connect with the outside world

Choosing a floor that replicates natural materials is a great way of remaining connected with the calming aesthetics of the world around us. Whereas real wood floors can be costly, cushion vinyl floors are great at replicating the look of timber, ceramics and stone and are very easy to fit and maintain – particularly handy if you’re a study/work snacker!

Updates on a budget

Luckily home office and study spaces can be achieved successfully without breaking the bank. Keep it simple when it comes to colour and update with accessories or plants for that instant appeal. A makeover can be achieved over a weekend, and to make it even easier cushion vinyl is easy to handle and fit, plus will often be considerably cheaper than solid floors.

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