May brings not one but two Bank Holidays, but while it’s lovely to think that we might spend them day-tripping at the seaside, the British weather has a habit of intervening and keeping us homebound.

The upside is that with the extra ‘free’ day tacked on to our weekends, we’re more likely to feel up to tackling those niggling little jobs around the house that we’ve been putting off for months.

For example, this month is an ideal time to do some serious summer-proofing, especially if you have kids. With longer days on the horizon, the children will be spending more time outside – which means bringing all manner of dirt and grime back in with them. Your first line of defence? An Avenue vinyl floor. Waterproof, pet-proof, resilient and blissfully easy to clean, our flooring is designed to take all manner of punishment, so when those inevitable accidents happen (spilled juice, dropped ice creams), you won’t need to stress.

Better still, Avenue flooring is fast and easy to fit, and well within the capabilities of competent DIYers. If you’re thinking about installing it yourself you’ll find everything you need to know here, including how to cut accurately to allow for alcoves and awkward corners; as you’ll see from the instructions, there are no specialist skills or equipment required. With an Avenue floor there’s no need for underlay or flooring profiles, and provided the area you’re covering is less than 12 sq m, you won’t even need adhesive. Follow the instructions carefully and you should get great results in a weekend and still have time to lay on that bank holiday barbecue.