Whether you see your bathroom as a relaxing retreat or a functional space, they have taken a big step away from the traditional whitewashed rooms that may have been part of our homes over the last 60 years.

Whether you see your bathroom as a relaxing retreat or a functional space, they have taken a big step away from the traditional whitewashed rooms that may have been part of our homes over the last 60 years.

Homeowners are injecting their style into their bathrooms and manufacturers have responded with new colours, finishes and updated designs to keep up with the demand.

Mixed Materials

Mixed materials are a popular way of adding texture, tone and interest in any room and bathrooms are the perfect space to combine looks.

One of the most significant ways to add an immediate update is by adding different metal finishes. Faucets are now available in all metal types, and with varying finishes from matte, brushed or polished they provide a stylish opposite to glossy white bathroom ceramics.

With new manufacturing processes, it is now possible to have a wood floor without the worry of warping or rotting. This means that you can genuinely mix ceramics, metals and wood in one room!

Clean Retreat or Botanical Jungle

You may want your bathroom to look chic and tidy, or perhaps you have a penchant for bold botanicals and patterns, there are numerous ways to incorporate your unique design signature into the bathroom.

Taking simple elements such as colour coordinating towels and accessories, or investing in statement mirrors and prints can help create your look. Patterned and textured floors can be incorporated to reinforce your design scheme.

Green is an on-trend paint choice and choosing a bathroom specific finish can help you inject that green-fingered look in your botanical-inspired bathroom.

Botanic trends are an excellent choice for homeowners that are lacking natural or minimal natural light but want that element of the outdoors while they bathe. Similarly, minimalist, clean lines work well and if you are going for an all-white effect, think of using varying textures in tiles, floors and walls, to provide interest.

The Bathroom vs Spa Effect

While many of us may yearn for that perfect spa effect bathroom, the practicalities of a family-friendly room may seem far removed from achieving a bathroom utopia. But, with a little planning and forethought, you can achieve a space that’s fun and functional for all.

One element is incorporating stylish storage to conceal bath toys and invest in shelving to keep decorative items out of reach of smaller family members.

Another way to declutter is to include a vanity unit where toothbrushes and toothpaste can be stored when not in use instead of cluttering up sink spaces.

When choosing your flooring to work with this style, take inspiration from spa resorts with marble, stone or quartz effect vinyl. They are easy to clean, and many provide a slip-resistant coating to prevent mishaps.


Over the last few years, sanitaryware manufacturers have come up with bold coloured baths and sinks. DIY homeowners have also taken traditional baths and given them a new look with specialist paints to add colour. If you are not ready to throw out your bathroom fittings but want to add colour, consider adding decorative tiles and mosaic walls. If you are on a minimal budget, then it’s always great to shop around for budget items or give a favourite accessory an update in your chosen colour scheme.

Patterned Ceramics

Patterned ceramic floors have seen a rise in popularity over the last couple of years, but the cost of traditional handmade tiles often puts homeowners off from incorporating them into their schemes. With patterned vinyl floors replicating the look and feel of traditional tiles, this is now an achievable style. If you are looking for a more geometric look, then Sagres is a great option, or if you want a more classic patterned feel, then Shalimar would be a perfect choice.

If you are looking to incorporate patterned ceramics on walls, then keeping the floor plain and minimalist helps your feature wall stand out.