Halfway between marble and mosaic, speckled floors are this year’s coolest look

Guess who’s back in town? Last spotted in bathrooms in the 1970s, terrazzo – the colourful, mosaic-like alternative to marble – is having a moment. After 40 years in the style wilderness it’s now cool again, cropping up in designer homeware collections and the hippest bars, restaurants and international hotels. And if Pinterest is anything to go by, we’re set to see even more of it in our homes in 2018; “saves” for the word are up 316 per cent on last year, according to the picture-sharing website.

As the name suggests, terrazzo originated in Italy centuries ago as a way for workmen to use up stone offcuts, and consisted of chips of marble or granite scattered in clay to give an attractive speckled effect. The latest, 21st century versions of the material put a bold spin on the original design, using oversized chips, different materials such as glass and vibrant as well as pastel colours, and without a doubt terrazzo is livelier and more eye-catching than marble – yet it can be chic, too. The smaller the stone chips the more subtle the effect, so if you want to introduce the look into your home but are fearful of ending up with a tutti-frutti ice-cream vibe, our Ultimate Elements Modus flooring is a great place to start. In two colourways, an attractive mink brown and a pale mushroom tone, Modus is a classic, sophisticated design that can look either retro and modern, well suited to mid-century modern and 1970s-style schemes, as well as urban, contemporary ones. And of course, as a high-quality, anti-slip laminate, complete with Superguard protection, it’s far easier to care for than its stone-based counterpart; any marks can simply be wiped away with water. Tempted to give terrazzo a go? Tweet us @AvenueFloors and let us know how you get on.