Season on season it's a look that won't be shaken off, but too often homeowners delay when considering the hassle that can come hand in hand with its implementation. We're talking about 'whitewash', a look frequently chosen underfoot when dreary wood tones simply won't do.

A quick search for 'whitewash' on Google will result in countless DIY features, but what about the modern homeowner who needs a quick fix that bypasses the hours of fiddly dedication? We want simple solutions, and we want them now.

One brand ticking such boxes is Avenue Floors, with comforting cushion vinyl that stretches from wall to wall with beautiful washes in white and grey. Taking on 'whitewash' can be a tricky process, often resulting in messy and unpredictable results, but there is a simpler way, and that is Avenue Floors.

Weathered? Yes. Rustic? Most definitely. But in our eyes there's a reason why the 'whitewash' theme continues to gain traction. A breakaway from standard wood hues, while traditional in concept: it's the ideal combination.